System XI 7 *NEW*

The brand new Inspira LED glass system XI 7 introducing a new era for architecture, design and marketing.


magic foil

Changing your shop-window into an intelligent media-screen!
MediaVision’s revolutionary technology makes it possible: With MediaVision MagicFoil you can switch transparent glass-surfaces into opaque milk glass in milliseconds. Discretion…at the push of a button!
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Inspira-MediaVision-Glass, the brand new breakthrough technology for innovative applications in architecture, design and marketing.

Presentation .. the next generation!



Local LED-wall reference
MediaVision installed an LED-wall with up-to-date technology at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Siegen, Germany
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MediaVision Partners
MediaVision-partners benefit by purchasing directly from the manufacturer. German development, engeneering and design. MediaVision is looking for partners worldwide...
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Create a smarter world!

MediaVision’s philosophy is to adress your senses in an inspiring new way – with innovative products, experiences and services. It is our vision to create a smarter world. Welcome to MediaVision!


Interactive, multifunctional glass- and screen-technologies open the door for the future of marketing, design and architecture. As the market changes, MediaVision changes the rules of the game. >more

MagicFoil - switchable film for retrofitting!

The MediaVision Inspira Module System is an interactive, easy-to-change modular design-&media-wall-system. Innovative, multifunctional and yet the first and only modular panel-system which is always an individual, unique product. The Inspira Module System inspires your senses and creates a new trend in architecture, marketing and design.


The LED market booms! Old-fashioned media-displays with deficient luminance and conventional large scale posters are more and more replaced by LED-wall systems. Interactive LED-surfaces change your visual perception and create inspiration.


The only constant in this fast changing world is the change itself. Every day people are flooded by advertisement for new products and technologies which are getting more and more comparable. This is MediaVision’s inspiration for developing new products&solutions with unique innovative benefits.


MediaVision has long-time experiences with the development and the creation of innovative products for marketing, architecture, design and the event-market. Our core-competence in the area of professional audio/video-equipment is the basement for the development of a new dimension of innovative products and complete solutions!