Room for inspirations

MediaVision's Inspira module system is an interactive design- and media- module system. Innovative and multi-functional, the Inspira module system is probably the only modular panel system that is each time a unique. Das Inspira Modul System inspiriert die Sinne und eröffnet bisher ungekannte Erlebnisdimensionen. The Inspira module system inspires the senses and opens up a new world for marketing, architecture and design.

Whether at trade fairs, trade marketing or private sector: the inspiration modular system offers innovative possibilities for interior design.

Ingeniously simple - simply ingenious
The secret of the Inspira module system lies in the change of the room ambience .
It is based on modular elements that can be manufactured to your individual needs. The different modules offer many possibilities to realise the desired inspirative room design.

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inspira wallTime for change: Inspira Nova Wall
At trade shows, in the entrance or in waiting areas you can build customized media & design areas / walls etc. with Inspira Nova Wall.
Other applications:
Smart-home, lounges, booths, conference / training rooms, museums, airports and more.

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magic wonder wallThe small solution: Inspira Wonderwall
Especially attractive for media walls in the private sector, the smaller Inspira Wonderwall is the right solution. The design modules can be adjusted to the ambient-setting as desired. You determine what technical possibilities your wall should fullfill.

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