Digitalize your shop window

In keeping with the trend "Digital advertising in shop windows" MediaVision presents as a supplement to the rear projection screen surfaces Magic Daylight / Black matrix screen now "MagicDaylight film" and "Black Magic Matrix foil" a new generation of rear-projection foils. With this new self-adhesive foils all kind of glass-types can simply be retrofitted.

When will you digitalize your shop window?

rueckprojektionMagicDaylight and Black Magic Matrix products are ideal for visual communication through panes of glass in interior and exterior use.
• In shop windows, glass partitions etc.
• at booths, at the POS or in shopping centers
• in reception areas, conference rooms or restaurants
• in museums, airports or train stations etc.

Next generation - shop window advertising!
(Passepartout projections are possible in any forms / figures.)

What you should know:
Media Vision rear-projection foils and rear-projection screens (3 mm thick) have a uniform projection illumination even with reflective light (no hotspot effect *). A special pigment absorbs incident sunlight or ambient light!

* Hotspot effect = very bright image in the middle at the sides creates a darker image.

The foils can be applied dry or wet. When gluing, the temperature should be at least 15 ° C.
For the products Macic Daylight and black matrix screen MediaVision offers design-oriented cable-mounting sytems and self-standing aluminum display systems.

MediaVision offers worldwide installation service through MediaVision's qualified partner-network!
MediaVision is looking for distribution-partners worldwide.

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