Brilliantly simple. Simply brilliant.

The secret of the Inspira module system lies in the change of the room ambience . It is based on modular elements that can be manufactured to your individual needs. The different modules offer many possibilities to realise the desired inspirative room design.

The construction of the frame system is done without tools. The simple handling and easy transport make this system an ideal companion for your marketing activities.

basismodulThe basic module
Manufactured to your individual requirements, the basic modules form the foundation for the installation of variable module system. This makes it possible to design futuristic rooms according to your imagination and moods at the push of a button.



Brilliantly simple - the modular system
Via special contact elements the modules can be assembled very quickly and very easily. The assembly and disassembly can be accomplished in a very short time.

moduleEasy to transport and easy to assemble. Therefore, the modular system is ideal inspiration for the presentation of shows and fairs.



Simply amazing - the system modules
What is special is that all modules can be equipped individually. Together with you we develop the individual concept and put together the necessary components. From often-tested and popular extensions to customized solutions - our modular system is designed for you and your wishes.

moduleThe modules - components for your individual design
The modules are expandable, perfectly tailored to your premises and equipped with the properties that match your needs.
Inspira design module made of cloth, metal, wood or glass (also printed with motifs), color and light control, LED RGB
Inspira TV-Monitor/Display module
Magic Mirror TV mirror surfaces are transformed into TV / PC / Cinema Monitors Inspira Sound Module Sound System (Invisible Speaker)
Inspira control modules integrated into the modular wall or/and as Easy Smart remote control (iPhone etc.)
Inspira fragrance modules ... individual fragrance design




Our principle: Every idea, no matter how unusual, is worth to be realised.
Tell us about your application idea! We consult you and offer a customized, individual solution for your project.

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